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Two decades of ground-breaking growth

Against a backdrop of fluctuating uncertainty, success of the UK technology sector has been driven by individual businesses capitalising on the opportunities before them. Led by the record-breaking Deliveroo, last year’s Fast 50 help demonstrate how many of the defining characteristics of the cohort have evolved over time, whilst others remain unchanged.

In this year’s UK Technology Fast 50 report, we look back on previous winners of the Fast 50, we consider both the changes and similarities amongst our cohort over the last 20 years.

Oracle NetSuite – Fuelling Business Growth with a Strong Front Office Back Office Relationship

This guide for finance directors and CFOs of growing businesses provides pointers for creating a more fruitful and valuable relationship between finance and the office.

Deloitte Insights – The atomisation of the television audience

In this podcast the news and media journalist, Ray Snoddy OBE and Dan Ison, Deloitte Partner for Media & Entertainment, discuss the atomisation of audiences and how the TV industry can maintain its unique ability to deliver to big audiences, whilst also monetising ever smaller audiences.

Oracle NetSuite – Is this the golden age of private equity?

Unsure about the benefits of private equity backing? Read the expert views of Pat Morris, President and CEO at the Association for Corporate Growth.

Deloitte Insights - The future of TV

The UK’s TV market has lived through massive change over the past five years. In this report, Deloitte reviews what they think the next five years has in store for the UK’s TV industry.

Oracle NetSuite – Butcher turned entrepreneur and social provocateur share secrets to their success

Pat Phelan, founder of Trustev and Paul Stenson share their insights in a broad-ranging conversation on Behind the Curtain, a new interview series with a live audience.

Deloitte Insights - Mobile Consumer Survey 2018: The UK cut

The smartphone has become intertwined into our daily lives, with ninety five percent of smartphone owners using their devices on a daily basis. Smartphone capabilities and utilities are becoming ever greater and usage continues to evolve, and should continue to do so for years to come.

Oracle NetSuite - A Finance Director's guide to business partnering in growing organisations

Bringing finance closer to the rest of the business is an enticing prospect. Enabling accountants to serve as advocates for other departments is much more than a relocation task. Why should finance work with other parts of the business?

Oracle NetSuite – Continuous Accounting: An End to Period-end Chaos?

An audit feels like the acid test for a business’ finance function - if you pardon the accounting pun.

For a growing business, one that is changing rapidly and where the finance team is working hard to manage cash, the audit often feels painful. Nascent, or evolving, systems and processes mean that the tough questions asked by auditors aren’t always answered easily or quickly.

Read how fast-growing businesses can enable a more efficient audit by investing in a modern finance system.

The Deloitte Women in Technology Network

The Deloitte Women in Technology Network was born in 2007 and since then has grown from strength to strength, counting over 600 members across different areas of our firm where they work in a variety of technology related roles.

Oracle NetSuite – Continuous Accounting: An End to Period-end Chaos?

For many finance professionals, closing the books at the end of a financial period is synonymous with long days and late nights spent wading through journal entries and seemingly endless reconciliations.

Discover why smart finance teams are already considering 'continuous accounting' as best practice.

Oracle NetSuite - 5 key steps in planning a private equity exit strategy

To sell or not to sell - it’s a decision that many companies may find themselves facing, or at least contemplating, when considering the future. Considering the strong volume of deals in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) space over the past couple of years, to sell may be the best answer.

How can you best prepare your company for sale? Watch this recent webinar with Oracle NetSuite PE Practice Lead Ahmad Rana for some tips and insights.

Deloitte Perspectives - Where next for robo-advice?

What’s the future for robo-advice? We’ve outlined three key elements for the next phase of this once-hyped FinTech vertical.

DLA Piper: Industry 4.0. The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial IoT. IIoT. What are they anyway? They are different names for what is essentially the same thing - the adoption of new advanced technology and systems by industrial and manufacturing businesses - with a particular emphasis on connectivity...

A Q&A with the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 sponsor Partner, Duncan Down

Duncan Down shares his thoughts with us on all things technology. From what excites him the most about the ever changing technology industry, to advice for UK Tech start-ups and finally why readers should enter the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 awards.

Oracle NetSuite: Five key questions to consider when seeking private equity funding

In preparation for the first instalment of an upcoming four-part webinar series on private equity, Oracle NetSuite sat down with Cheryl Vijjeswarapu, East Coast Head of Private Equity at NetSuite, to discuss some of the topics we will cover in the first webinar, Private Equity Part 1: Market Trends to Watch.

Deloitte Insights: Maintaining control in the cloud

Cloud has most definitely arrived and is here to stay as a key element of corporate strategy – not just IT strategy. Since it became widely available a decade ago, cloud computing has reached a level of maturity and usefulness that many company executives never imagined.

In this report, we have shown that successful use of the cloud depends on getting it right in four areas.

NetSuite EMEA: The Tech Scaleup’s Guide to International Expansion

The UK is currently home to 5.5 million SMEs, but the majority still operate solely on home ground.

Set against the backdrop of ongoing Brexit negotiations, the international landscape for UK tech scaleups hoping to expand overseas currently presents a unique set of challenges and obstacles.

Whether it is exporting, establishing overseas teams or undertaking business activity in other countries, many scaleups are yet to embrace the huge possibilities for growth through international expansion. This report from Oracle NetSuite and UKTN will outline some of the most pertinent issues that must be considered, addressed and overcome.

Deloitte’s Women in Tech Day

Members of the Deloitte Women in Technology Network in the UK virtually joined their counterparts in the US for the 7th Annual Women in Technology Day. The event brought together senior Deloitte leaders and clients to discuss their experiences and to support network members in their growth as successful technologists, teammates, and leaders.

DLA Piper Article: The Internet of Things and the real estate sector

As the fourth industrial revolution gathers pace, even that most traditional and archaic sector of all, real estate, is opening its arms to embrace the technology that is infiltrating all aspects of the built environment.

Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance 2018

This report delves into key developments across European football, including the growth of the English Premier League and its financial record breaking season, as well as our own insights on improving strategy and governance in the business of sport.

Get the whole picture in the full report, available to download for free, to discuss this year’s analysis and predictions, and the impact they have on your business.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: Brexit and Fintech

In the final video in the DLA Piper TechLaw video series, Kenny Robertson and Naresh Vyas from RBS and Kit Burden from DLA Piper discuss the impact Brexit will have on the FinTech ecosystem.

Deloitte Insight - FCA and PRA business plans: technological innovation remains a priority

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)'s emphasis on technological innovation in its business plan is relatively less pronounced. Nevertheless, it too is exploring ways to innovate as a regulator, by continuously monitoring FinTech developments, and supporting the authorisation and supervision of new banks and insurers.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: What challenges might Brexit pose?

A look at Brexit and the challenges regulators pose to digital innovation. DLA Piper partner Kit Burden and Kenny Robertson and Naresh Vyas from RBS discuss.

New tech on the block: Planning for blockchain in the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries

Deloitte’s new insight report explores the potential for blockchain technology to underpin a transformation in the retail and consumer packaged goods value chain. While we fully expect blockchain technology to achieve widespread, mainstream adoption in these sectors sooner rather than later, we firmly believe that long-term, sustainable success is only possible through careful planning and prioritisation of work programmes.

SVB Insights: The Good Times Roll, Even as Risks Rise

The bull market powers on, and money continues to flow into the innovation economy. At the same time, we are seeing a re-emergence of volatility and a bevy of new risks — including tighter monetary policy and the spectre of a trade war — but it’s still status quo for now in the capital markets.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: What challenges might Brexit pose?

A look at Brexit and the challenges regulators pose to digital innovation. DLA Piper partner Kit Burden and Kenny Robertson and Naresh Vyas from RBS discuss.

The Connected Worker - Charging up the business services workforce

Technology is changing the world of work and it’s having an impact on business services. Can the sector become more productive by moving towards a digital workplace?

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: Disruption in Outsourcing - The impact of AI and RPA

When it comes to finding the perfect solution for Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation, it's not one size fits all. DLA partner Kit Burden and Strategic Advisor Andrew Burgess discuss the issues.

From experimentation to transformation: Digital Disruption Index 2018

Digital can fundamentally change how work gets done, how organisations interact with their customers and how decisions are made. It's no surprise that embracing digital is one of the key issues keeping our clients awake at night. In the rush to keep up, the latest findings from our Digital Disruption Index reveal many organisations are yet to develop coherent digital strategies.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: How does technology impact products and services?

GE Digital Chief Commercial Officer Deborah Sherry and DLA Piper Partner Anthony Day discuss what we should expect as AI continues to drive the industrial Internet of Things.

Deloitte Perspective: What can you learn from GDPR for your next regulatory programme?

Now that we have reached the GDPR implementation date, we’re taking a look at the most common errors we’re seeing in financial services (FS) firms’ approaches to their data programmes in readiness for the deadline and for ongoing compliance.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: The impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

A look at the difference between RPA and AI technology. With Andrew Burgess, AI and RPA Strategic Advisor and DLA Piper's Kit Burden.

Deloitte Insight - 2018 Tech Trends: The symphonic enterprise

As digital reality, cognitive, and blockchain continue to redefine IT and business, organisations should look to move beyond vertical or horizontal approaches to new technology. Deloitte’s ninth annual Technology Trends report analyses the trends that could disrupt businesses in the next 18–24 months. CIOs who can harness the possibilities of these technologies will be better positioned to shape the future of their business.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: What’s next for FinTech?

FinTechs are revolutionising customer transaction experiences, but what is coming next? Kenny Robertson and Naresh Vyas from RBS and DLA Piper's Kit Burden discuss their thoughts.

Digital Hunters Podcast: David Cobb, Sponsoring Partner for the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50

David shares the vision that created this highly prized award – the Tech Fast 50 - and how it has evolved. He discusses how it has provided windows onto the technology revolutions of the last 20 years and raised the profile of the innovative businesses that have driven these. With the continued rapid evolution of technology and a UK talent shortage, the need is clear for the education system to cultivate a culture of continuous learning.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: Is digital transformation more than a buzzword?

Is digital transformation only a buzzword or does it actually drive change within businesses? GEDigital Chief Commercial Officer Deborah Sherry and DLA Piper partner Anthony Day share their thoughts.

Deloitte FinTech: Innovation and data privacy: the ICO's technology strategy 2018-21

New technologies and evolving business models have required regulators to review their capabilities and respond to new risks posed. Increasing concerns about the wholesale use and processing of personal data by firms are reflected in the ICO's recently published Technology Strategy, which outlines its objectives and focus areas through eight technology goals.

Deloitte FinTech Perspectives: The flat pack insurer

How hard is it to enter the insurance market? These days, not hard at all. The barriers to entry for the insurance industry are now lower than ever. A new entrant with a unique idea is now able to build an insurance firm from separate components, bringing it all together just like you would a flat pack wardrobe. In no time at all, and hopefully not too many spare parts left over at the end!

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: Keeping realistic on AI and RPA

Are your expectations realistic when it comes to AI and RPA technology? With strategic advisor Andrew Burgess and DLA Piper's Kit Burden

SVB CEO Video Series: Performance Horizon: Expanding to Asia

Malcolm Cowley, CEO of Performance Horizon, tells the story of expanding from Newcastle, UK to Asia and beyond.

Accelerating Technology Disruption in the Automotive Market: Blockchain in the automotive industry

Deloitte’s new insight report explores the potential role of blockchain in underpinning the industry transformation that is coming. It evaluates the vast opportunities of blockchain across the automotive value chain that can help to revolutionise products, services and processes.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: Disruption in Outsourcing

How will AI and RPA technology advance in the next 2 to 3 years? Strategic advisor Andrew Burgess and DLA Piper partner Kit Burden reveal their thoughts.

SVB CEO Video Series: The Power of Storytelling

Watch Asi Sharabi, co-founder and CEO of Wonderbly, discuss collaborating with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and why the team chose London as home for this global business. Wonderbly is a zero inventory business, shipping personalized children’s books to 200 countries.

SVB CEO Video Series: Fundraising for Fast Growth

Watch Giles Palmer, co-founder and CEO of Brandwatch, discuss his Brighton-based social listening business with Erin Platts, Head of Commercial Banking at SVB UK.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: Will AI be dystopia or utopia?

DLA Piper take a look at the future of tech and what advancements in AI will mean - dystopia or utopia? Strategic advisor on AI and RPA Andrew Burgess and Kit Burden discuss.

The Deloitte Consumer Review: Digital Predictions 2018

Drawing upon the Deloitte Global 17th annual Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions, this report identifies six digital trends that are driving the next phase of disruption in the consumer market. These trends focus on technologies that will both enhance the consumer experience and transform the way consumer businesses operate.

Machines with purpose: From theory to practice: Artificial Intelligence in professional services

New technology offers many opportunities for professional services to improve their operations; yet has the sector been at best reactive to previous waves of innovation?

Machines with purpose, aims to help professionals understand why AI is important to their businesses and how to take it from theory to practice. The report details key steps, and includes many practical to-do lists, case studies and useful guides.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: Opportunities for the industrial ecosystem

What are the future opportunities for the industrial ecosystem? GE Digital Chief Commercial Officer Deborah Sherry and DLA Piper partner Anthony Day discuss their views.

The DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series provides invaluable insights into the legal and commercial impacts of various emerging technologies in the context of FinTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Robotics and automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and more besides. In this video series DLA Piper lawyers, in conversation with leading industry executives, forecast future trends, discuss new policies and regulation, and explore the challenges and opportunities presented by technological advancements.

SVB CEO Video Series: Collaboration is Key

Erin Platts, Head of Commercial Banking at Silicon Valley Bank’s UK Branch, interviews CEO, Philippe Chainieux, about collaborating with the V&A and building an international brand from day one.

DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series: How are RBS engaging with the FinTech community?

It can be daunting to work with other organisations. This DLA Piper TechLaw video focuses on the importance of collaboration. DLA Piper's Kit Burden is joined by RBS to explain ways to build effective ecosystems.

The DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series provides invaluable insights into the legal and commercial impacts of various emerging technologies in the context of FinTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Robotics and automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and more besides. In this video series DLA Piper lawyers, in conversation with leading industry executives, forecast future trends, discuss new policies and regulation, and explore the challenges and opportunities presented by technological advancements.

UK Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions 2018

Based on conversations with 100+ industry executives and 10,000+ online interviews with members of the public, Deloitte brings you our predictions of the major TMT industry trends that will impact UK businesses in 2018 and beyond. From enhanced machine learning, to soaring demand for in-flight connectivity on airline passenger journeys, discover our 9 predictions and what they could mean for UK businesses.

Government investment in technology: how governments use tax regimes to attract R&D activity

Discover what governments in the UK, Ireland and Germany in particular have been doing to create an enabling tax environment that attracts start-ups in this article by DLA Piper’s Lynda Finan.

Unexpected Human in the Bagging Area: the impact of automation on retail workforces

This article explores the transformative impact of technology on retail and the supply chain.

Digital diagnosis - AI and machine learning in healthcare

This article considers how progress is accelerating with more opportunities for both artificial intelligence (AI) systems builders and healthcare institutions every day. For both sides, 'getting the right deal' is critical if the collaboration is to be on an equal footing and deliver benefits on a win-win basis for both parties.

TechLaw podcast series

Technological developments are impacting our personal and professional lives - but what are the legal and commercial challenges for organisations?

The TechLaw podcast provides invaluable insight from the world of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Privacy, FinTech, Internet of Things and Robotics. DLA Piper partners and industry experts will forecast future trends, discuss new policies and regulation, and explore contracts and legal challenges brought on by new technological advancements.

Power up: UK business

Collaboration with ambitious early stage businesses can help corporates experiment with innovation in a low cost, low risk way. Likewise, big businesses can help scaleups to develop their products and establish themselves in their markets more quickly than they could alone.

Our Power Up research, the latest in a series of reports exploring the critical challenges facing UK government and business sets out to try and understand how the UK can better commercialise innovative ideas.

How AI and Automation are transforming retail

This infographic considers how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming retail. It outlines how technology has, over time, impacted the employment market. It also emphasises that retailers need to be preparing for this future now and how this will involve a transformation in IT, with new contracts, new vendors and new data sharing arrangements needed, and will require a different approach to HR and labour relations.

State of the smart – Mobile Consumer Survey 2017: The UK Cut

The smartphone is a mere decade old, and with every year has become ever more integral to people’s lives. With each year, it has become more versatile, absorbing a growing range of functions, from communication to navigation, from breaking global news to memorising personal stories. And it is likely to be used even more intensively over the coming years.

The seventh edition of Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey: The UK Cut explores some of the key themes that this year’s survey has revealed and how they are affecting the mobile landscape of today.

2017 Fast 50 infographic

View statistics on the 2017 winners and insight into the past 20 years.

The Venture Alley

DLA Piper blog about business and legal issues important to entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalists and angel investors.

DLA Piper European Technology Index 2016

The DLA Piper European Technology Summit 2016 is an exclusive conference dedicated to providing insight and analysis into the current emerging technology and legal trends affecting businesses today, attracting hundreds of senior executives from across Europe’s Technology Sector. The summit is supported by the DLA Piper European Technology Index, a survey that provides insights into perceptions, attitudes and trends relating to the technology industry.

State of the Markets: Third Quarter 2017

Heightened Investor Interest
Through the first half of 2017, U.S. market conditions for IPOs have been favourable: Strong investor demand, equities near all-time highs and volatility at historical lows have provided ample opportunity for new listings.

China Innovation Focus
China has emerged as a transformative player in the global innovation ecosystem, catalysed through rapid urbanisation, an expanding domestic investor base, and an economy that boasts the most mobile-connected consumers in the world.

The US/UK M&A Deal Monitor, 1H 2017

Technology remains the driving force in cross-border M&A deal flow between the UK and North America. The number of deals in the TMT sector has remained steady over the past two years, with 246 from the US to the UK, and another 152 from the UK to the US, since the monitor launched in Q3 2015. The report digs deeper into this technology story and shares the views of M&A partners in both US and UK practices on why tech continues to dominate dealmaking

Technology Sector Showcase Page

DLA Piper technology sector LinkedIn page featuring legal articles, alerts and firm announcements targeted towards technology industry professionals.

Media Metrics 2017

Who are the top performing media and entertainment companies in the UK today? Our latest report reveals the top 100 by revenue, sub-sector and profit margin.

The report also looks at key themes affecting the sector, such as the variety of video advertising platforms and metrics now available, and the changing nature of information publishing revenues.

Technology’s Legal Edge™

DLA Piper blog about global technology, sourcing and privacy issues facing companies across the globe. We offer timely legal perspectives on cutting-edge issues in these dynamic areas of law.

State of the Markets: Second Quarter 2017

Four months in, 2017 is shaping up to be a year of harvesting and replanting for the innovation economy. The SVB team examined the private-company growth propelled by the large capital raises of 2014-15 and the subsequent plunge in large investments and exits in 2016. Given the activity we’ve seen in the first quarter of 2017, we are forecasting significant harvesting of returns resulting from the last decade of sweeping innovations.

Healthcare Investments and Exits Report 2017

In their annual healthcare industry report, Silicon Valley Bank analyses the fundraising, investment, M&A and IPO activity of private, venture-backed biopharma, medical device and diagnostic/tools companies. The report finds a slowing IPO and M&A market in 2016 versus 2015, but exit activity still exceeded 2013 totals.

Silicon Valley Bank: U.K. Startup Outlook Report

Fewer U.K. startups expect business conditions to improve than in previous years; still a large majority plan to hire and see Brexit-era opportunities in the U.K.

Introducing Propel by Deloitte

Designed specifically for ambitious start-ups and SMEs, Propel is a cloud-hosted service that delivers real-rime accounting and analytics.

Propel takes the burden of bookkeeping off your hands, manages all accounting essentials, and ensures you have a finance expert at your side. it also delivers bespoke data analytics to help you track how your business is performing today, and a whole range of business planning support to help you forecast for tomorrow.

Business Start-up Pack (UK)

DLA Piper pack providing assistance and support to early stage start-ups who are looking to establish their business on a more formal basis.