Airport Operations Performance Predictor


With so many aircraft operating outside their published arrival and departure times, why do airports still plan against a static flight schedule?

The Airport Operations Performance Predictor (AOPP) is a software-enabled system that supports airport operators to influence and navigate, through better decisions, towards the best possible on-time departure performance.

  • Do you know which arrivals and departures are most likely to operate outside their allocated slot?
  • Do you know which flights you should focus on to recover your on-time performance?
  • How do you know all airport stakeholders are working to the best plan possible to deliver the best performance outcome?
  • In the event of disruption or irregular operations, how do you decide the actions which best mitigate the impact of delay?

AOPP sits at the heart of the integrated airport operations hub and creates hundreds of thousands of scenario simulations every second using advanced Formula 1™ derived simulation technology. Providing a simple, single, unified view of the remainder of the day’s airport operations, AOPP enables airport operators to predict end of day on-time performance, as well as rapidly exploring scenarios to improve that predicted performance.

Product benefits

  • product-icon-eye

    Get ahead

    With AOPP, operational leaders are able to see ahead of the current situation, managing the airport towards the best available result, whilst taking into account all the most relevant stakeholder considerations

  • product-icon-focus-2

    Focus effort

    AOPP highlights those aircraft on the margin of being determined as ‘late’ whilst the situation is still recoverable, enabling operations staff to focus teams where it counts to try and rectify the situation

  • product-icon-supply

    Simulate for better results

    Support key operational decisions by rapidly exploring possible outcomes using fast modelling techniques

Key features

  • product-icon-schedule

    Live future schedule

    A continuously updated live view of the most likely arrival and departure pattern throughout the course of the day

  • product-icon-plane

    Automatic identification of flights for focused action

    Based on its powerful simulation capability, and on the balance of probability, AOPP highlights future flights that, with attention, could be recovered to operate within on-time performance limits

  • product-icon-intelligent

    Intelligent highlighting of future pinch points

    Present the future view of operations in an intelligent, quick to understand display

  • product-icon-access

    Access anywhere

    Web based platform allows AOPP to be used on a variety of devices in the office, or on the move – you choose!

  • product-icon-agnostic-cloud

    Open and future-proof

    AOPP has been designed from the ground up to make use of the most modern, open web-based technologies. This open architecture, coupled with the use of industry standards, speeds integration with the necessary existing airport systems and will enable future extensions and integrations

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