Performance Optimiser


You make decisions every day to adapt to dynamic and continuously changing situations, but how do you know the right decisions are being made, and how do you assess their impact on overall network performance?

Performance Optimiser creates a digital copy of your daily operations. As a result, you can improve network performance through increased, augmented, supervisor decision-making based on the same innovative analytical insights used in Formula 1™.

Performance Optimiser is designed to support operational supervisors and the wider operations teams at Air Navigation Service Providers. By accurately predicting the impact of a range of tactical decisions this tool enables you to run ‘what-if’ scenarios and understand the impact of your decisions, and how they could have been better.

Product benefits

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    Drive consistency within the operations team by allowing retrospective quantitative analysis

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    Improve service performance through greater certainty and control of network outcomes

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    Effective deployment of key operational resources, including a better balance between service delivery and change

Key features

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    Facilitates detailed post operations analysis, including a range of operational key performance indicators (KPIs)

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    'What-if' interrogation to explore alternative air traffic management options and their projected impact on key KPIs

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    Sophisticated search functionality, enabling the user to search the historical record based on a wide range of operational parameters

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