SupplyCycle combines advanced modelling, optimisation and simulation technology to help manufacturers make end-to-end trade offs: minimising changeovers and inventories whilst maintaining high levels of customer service.

Manufacturers are increasingly faced with a number of challenging questions:

  • Is running my factory efficiently costing me in excess inventories?
  • Is being responsive to demands meaning I am changing over between different products too frequently, losing valuable production time?
  • Is there really a constant need to change my production schedules and fire-fight to meet demands in times of shortage?
  • What is the right amount of capacity to reserve for weekly unknowns?

What if there was a way to join up your operations and model the best answers to all of these trade-off questions?

This is why McLaren Deloitte has created SupplyCycle: an optimisation engine enabling manufacturers to find the optimal balancing points across their operations. Our software models your production lines and warehouses to find the lowest cost, jointly optimised plan that meets customer service. It works alongside your core supply chain planning systems, extracting data and optimising parameters using market-leading analytics and simulation.

Product benefits

SupplyCycle gives you the ability to:

  • product-icon-pulse

    Increase supply chain stability

    Implement a repeating, fixed-cycle of production that is optimised for lowest cost

  • product-icon-inventory

    Optimise inventory holdings

    Find the right level of inventory that both meets service and buffers factories from demand variability

  • product-icon-graph-arrow

    Maximise asset utlilisation

    Minimise time spent on changeovers to free up production capacity or reduce labour costs

  • product-icon-pie

    Balance capacity allocation

    Find the right capacity to reserve for the unexpected, this is what we call the ‘agility buffer’

Key features​

SupplyCycle combines advanced modelling, optimisation and simulation technology to deliver an effective supply chain solution:

  • product-icon-segmentation


    Segments your portfolio to identify the best replenishment strategy for each stock keeping unit (SKU)

  • product-icon-wheel

    Production wheel

    Combines cycle length and sequencing optimisation to create a template for the production schedule

  • product-icon-cycle-length

    Cycle length

    Trades off different costs to find the optimal frequency to make each SKU and how much to produce

  • product-icon-inventory_1

    Inventory optimisation

    Calculates the optimal level of cycle and safety stock to buffer against uncertainty and protect service levels

  • product-icon-sequence


    Finds the best order to make products to minimise the downtime from changeovers

  • product-icon-simulation


    Verifies the answers against millions of permutations and simulations to ensure the plan is achievable

What’s unique?

  • product-icon-arrows-both-directions

    Think truly end-to-end

    Actively trade-off and optimise total costs across factories and warehouses to service demand

  • product-icon-shield

    Model robust solutions

    Drive towards a more feasible production and inventory plan: by modelling and simulating critical variables

  • product-icon-levers

    Run alternative scenarios

    Re-optimise in the face of changing business constraints, such as new products, planned maintenance, and line breakdowns

  • product-icon-links

    Integrate with core planning systems

    Talks to and works with your existing systems landscape to leverage investments already made in advanced planning

Like what you see?

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