Power Up

Now, more than ever, business is expected to take the lead on tackling the challenges putting the UK’s competitiveness and inclusive growth at risk. Deloitte’s Power Up series explores what we can do now to power up the future ahead, from retaining our strength in innovation to developing and attracting the skills our economy needs.

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Power Up Week: Collaboration

The UK is a world class ideas generator. How can we foster collaboration to scale innovation more effectively?

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Power Up Week: Skills

The gap between the skills business is are demanding and their availability has never been wider. How can the UK develop a culture of lifelong learning?

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Power Up Week: Society

There are increasing expectations on business to take a leading role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. How can business embed its role in society at its core?

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Power Up Week: Tech Fluency

With technology now permeating all aspect of our lives and work, how can we make, and keep, the UK tech fluent?

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Story: Invest

With Brexit weighing on the mind of foreign investors could the UK’s attractiveness be at risk?

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Story: Grow

Unlocking untapped potential across all regions & nations could be the key to solving the UK’s productivity puzzle.

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Story: Attract

36% of the UK’s non-British workforce could leave in the next five years.

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Story: Scale

UK business is lagging behind in its readiness to implement innovation. The key to catching up is right under its nose.

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Story: Adapt

Not knowing what you want to be when you grow up could now turn out to be a good thing for your career…

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