• Build the anticipation for the kick off of the 2018 conference by watching our interview with Deloitte GBS lead Guy Mercier about topics to be covered in this year’s Shared Services Conference.

  • Pavel Simak, our Country Host, welcomes all to this year’s conference. Looking forward to an exciting two days!

  • Peter Moller, Co-chair of the Deloitte Shared Services Conference 2018, discusses the impact of the latest trends within shared services organisations.

  • Emma Lawson, Co-chair of the Deloitte Shared Services Conference 2018, opens day two of the conference with her co-bot, Edgy!

  • Peter Moller, Co-chair of the Deloitte Shared Services conference, shares his view (The 3 cornerstones!) which can help GBS move to Digital.

  • Emma Lawson, Deloitte, highlights what she noticed is new at the conference this year and if her health warnings have changed since last year.

  • David Anderson, Deloitte, talks about his predictions from last year which partially came true and tells us about his expectations for next year, and did he mention 'Brexit'!?

  • Punit Bhatia, Deloitte, shares some great ideas on adding value and future proofing for GBS and BPO.

  • David Wright, Deloitte, shares his powerful message for GBS Leaders on how to improve on scaling RPA.

  • Dorthe Keilberg, Deloitte, shares her hottest picks from this year’s conference.

  • John Evans, IHG, highlights the key takeaways from his first shared services conference.

  • Andrew Sharrer, IHG, new Decision Support Centres’ Lead talks about his key learning from the conference. Focus on embedding the culture of customer experience!

  • Steve McCrystal, AstraZeneca, talks about how can GBS act as a catalyst for change across the rest of the business? It’s all about the customer!!

  • Antonio Russo, Deloitte, highlights how the Financial Services are at the forefront in terms of adopting cognitive technologies.

  • Peter Moller, Deloitte, does a quick fire round of feedback with some of the delegates. F1 Paddock style!

  • Janet Ramey, Cisco, talks about how she believes you change the mindset and culture across your GBS organisation.

  • Anthony Day and Gavin Pacini, Deloitte, talking about exploring Blockchain in a GBS environment. Still early stages!

  • Charlie Wanbon, Deloitte, highlights the trends in establishing Decision Support capabilities.

  • Aprajita Rathore, Deloitte, talks about what does Digital really mean in GBS environment? Going back to basics!!

  • Susana Cambeiro-Gesto, Deloitte, explains what Digital Shared Services Lab is, and what can clients expect from it?

  • Viral Thakker, Deloitte, talks about leveraging innovation from start-ups for shared services organisations. Another innovative step to expand your horizons!

  • Richard Small and Kasia Zan, Deloitte, share their views on how Design Thinking can impact customer experience - one of the favourite topics at conference this year!

  • Highlights of the Deloitte Shared Services Conference - welcome to the digital age!

  • Daniel Gaffney, Deloitte, welcoming people to Dublin next year.


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