Meet artificial intelligence with emotional intelligence.

Prepare your business for the future of work.

What we do and how we do it is changing. From technologies to changing demographics to the gig economy, disruptive forces are redefining the very nature of our careers. Businesses need a strategy to attract top talent and enable them to work alongside the technology reshaping our economy. Start preparing your business for the future of work now.

Decode millennials in the gig economy

Six trends to watch out for

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Reimagine work. Free the enterprise with Apple

Apple and Deloitte are joining forces to help employees work the way they live in a mobile world

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Is HR ready to manage people as well as robots?

Welcome to the no collar workforce

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Business leaders come face to face with Clive the Robot

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The impact of AI advances?

Listen to the human to robot discussion

Views from over 10,000 HR leaders

Explore our 2017 Human Capital Trends

Using analytics to source talent

Understanding the best ways to find the best people.


Meet your new workforce

Read our Chief Economist's blog exploring the evolving make up of the UK workforce.

Becoming irresistible

A new model for employee engagement.

The smart factory

Responsive, adaptive, connected manufacturing.

Navigating the future

How can we make the future of work rewarding for everyone?

Tomorrow's desired CV: a strong foundation in tech

Workers will likely find it harder and harder to contribute to their business and progress their career without tech knowledge.

Building a nimble workforce

We can’t predict future technology, but we can invest in making our workforce as agile as possible.

Re-imagine the art of the possible

Read Kate Sweeney’s to do list

How can you harness new technologies and effectively lead and engage your workforce?

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The 21st century career

A culture of lifelong learning.

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How would you like to work the way you live?

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