Experience Analytics
Conference 2019Me, Myself and AI

Tobacco Dock, London
22 October 2019

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About the event

Experience Analytics is a day-long event brings together senior executives to think about the latest data and digital trends with a focus on how organisations can design and build the right skills, approaches, technology and culture to move to ‘insight-driven’ decision making.

The 2018 event was about taking inspiration from exponential technology and the inevitable digital future to deliver a sustainable and impactful change through analytics, all whilst maintaining a strong work culture.

In addition to insightful speakers up on stage, there were a number of immersive labs and ‘pop-up’ experiences where our clients, event partners, and Deloitte advisors, who engaged with attendees through hands-on learning exercises, Ted-X style micro-talks, and live demonstrations.

Delegates also had the opportunity to quiz our resident subject matter advisers on the topics that matter to their organisations via a series of drop-in sessions. At the end of the day, clients walked away with a mature network of contacts to kick-start their transformation.


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This year's event topics

  • Human + Machine

    Acquiring new technology is only part the journey when it comes to the cultural adoption of AI and all it has to offer today and in the future. We explore how to structure and empower teams with the right mix of business and technical skills to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Ethical, Private and Secure

    Explore the potential of the technologies that are shaping and accelerating change in all sectors and our lives.

  • Know Your Customer

    Putting your customer at the centre of business philosophy, operations & design thinking. How can you create a personalised and easy to use customer experience - both for your end customers, and for your internal customers?

  • Disrupting the Status Quo

    All sectors have begun to realise the power of analytics but few fully harness the insight it brings. In order to become an insight driven organisation, businesses must leverage disruptive technologies, particularly AI, at an industrial scale.

  • Think Globally, Act Locally

    It is increasingly important to prioritise corporate sustainability, well-being and societal impacts. Businesses must harness AI, cloud based systems and health analytics to understand consumers and become leaders in sustainable innovation.

  • Check out the agenda

    This year’s event is organised into 5 themes, and we encourage attendees to create their own personalised path across these themes in order to explore the topics which are important to them. Experience Analytics 2019 will provide you with a personalised experience, putting customer and societal concerns at the forefront, and better understanding AI’s impact on business, the future of work and the individual.

Your experience

This one-day conference will be interactive and audience-led consisting of plenary presentations roundtable discussions and breakout labs.

Ignite your curiosity at Experience Analytics, with live installations and demonstrations of the power of data.

Enjoy an evening of entertainment, dining and getting to know others in the Experience Analytics crowd.

Explore Tobacco Docks, a refreshing and creative grade I listed building with brick vaults and ironwork certain to inspire. 

What did our previous attendees think?

“The whole day was inspiring.”
“Inspirational and gave terrific context and scale to our lives!”
“Great content, relevant and highlighted many areas that are relevant to my company.”
“Really great event, with very nice attention to detail, overall positive vibes, and well thought out regarding content and speakers.”
“Resonated with the challenges facing my own position in terms of transforming the organisation.”