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Monday 9 November

10:00-11:00 Episode 1: Disruption on the line: scenario simulations at Network Rail

In this session we spotlight Network Rail, where Deloitte worked collaboratively to design a railway simulation and digital replica of a critical route on the UK rail network, using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – combining fixed-asset, operational and open source data together with the power of 3D-physics simulation, analytics and machine learning. We accurately replicated past performance and events, providing the platform for predictive asset maintenance, improved timetable planning and digital disruption management. Sign up to the session to find out more, and to see how these solutions could make a difference in your organisation.


16:00-17:00 Data and analytics in Retail Insurance, with Google Cloud

Our exclusive virtual roundtable, in partnership with Google Cloud, will focus on the Retail Insurance sector. This is an invite only event, if you are an executive within the Insurance sector and would like to join this session, please contact our Experience Analytics team.


Tuesday 10 November

10:00-11:00 Episode 2: Empowering the trading floor with data and analytics

In an age of technology, the trading floor has remained remarkably resistant to change. Electronification has made significant inroads into equity and FX markets but the concept of sales-client relationships and trading books managed by traders has been very resilient. In this talk, Charlie will reflect on the challenges of modernising the trading floor, and how to harness the technical capabilities of a highly-quantitative workforce.


16:00-17:00 AI & Ethics

Artificial Intelligence has enormous transformative power that must be harnessed. But with power comes responsibility and embracing AI means also embracing the challenges it brings to ensure the benefits are not overshadowed by lack of trust and loss in reputation.

This session will focus on how to build and deploy reliable and trustworthy AI, and what governance banks need to establish to create long-lasting innovation.

We will explore:

  • How can we embed a privacy and ethics by design approach in AI?
  • How can we navigate the tensions and trade-offs between data minimisation and accuracy, efficiency and fairness?
  • Can AI systems be fair?
  • Are there any vulnerabilities as banks use AI to increasingly target customers with personalised engagement?
  • How can we mitigate such impacts?


Wednesday 11 November

10:00-11:00 Episode 3: Nationwide’s data governance journey with Informatica

In this session, Irena French, Senior Data Management Consultant, and Samantha Lyall, Data Manager at Nationwide Building Society will cover how they are helping drive a self-service, information-led culture, underpinned by robust data governance initiatives, in order to ensure the Society has the data it needs for informed decision making, business processes and interactions with its members.

Join this webinar to hear how Nationwide is:

  • Working closely with the business areas to deliver industrialised solutions
  • Actively innovating to drive more value for the organisation and its members
  • Ensuring they have the data it needs for informed decision making
  • Improving the data quality, to enable innovative AI-based solutions


16:00-17:00 Achieving better, faster, more reliable consumer insight

In this Retail and CPG focused roundtable we will be looking at how best to leverage data about customers' needs and preferences in order to:

  • Deepen their engagement
  • Deliver rich & consistent product data across channels to enhance customer experience
  • Create the “perfect store” whether its online, in store or on the go
  • Monetise insights from the data


Thursday 12 November

10:00-11:00 Episode 4: Changing from limited to unlimited insights

Tune in to episode 4 where we are joined by Snowflake and Sainsbury’s who deep dive into the technical and business changes required to adapt to a data platform that no longer has resource constraints, and can map to existing industry experience.


16:00-17:00 Bridging the physical and digital: Bringing the power of simulation and Digital Twin to the TMT sector

In this TMT focused roundtable we will be looking at how best to leverage Digital Twin capabilities to design, optimise and transform your businesses entire operation. Join our hour long interactive session and leave with an understanding of:

  • What is a Digital Twin and how can it be used to continually optimise how you run your business
  • How leading companies are using digital twins to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and build better products
  • How Digital Twin enables real time insight for faster, more accurate and cost effective decision making


Friday 13 November

10:00-11:00 Episode 5: Just Eat: Delivering insight with ThoughtSpot

Fast unobstructed access to data and speed to insight matters now more than ever. In these rapidly changing times, businesses must increase agility and implement a ‘Stack of the Future’ with cloud, ELT, machine learning and a modern, familiar front-end to give everyone access to instant insights. Learn from Spencer Tuttle, VP EMEA ThoughtSpot, on why search & AI-driven analytics is the only choice to unlock the true power of the data stack. Also, hear from Kris Curtis, Senior Analytics Manager at Just Eat as he discusses why ThoughtSpot is unique, why search and AI driven analytics was the right fit for their use case and how it transformed the way data is used and the relationship between technical and product teams.


16:00-17:00 Using data as strategic asset in the Health Care and Life Sciences sector

To succeed in an increasingly digitised and data-driven industry, organisations must ensure that their data strategy is central to their overall improvement strategy. In this Health Care and Life Sciences focused roundtable we will be looking at how best to utilise data and analytics strategies in order to:

  • Generate insights to make more informed, quicker decisions
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Tackle the need for better access and outcomes at lower cost