Smart ID, redefining the way we identify ourselves - the future of digital identity.

A new way for individuals, organisations and devices to obtain, use and verify identity credentials when communicating with one another.

We're open sourcing our Smart ID Platform. This will enable developers and organisations to use the protocol to build and test their own use cases. Please subscribe below for more details.

Key contacts

Michael Robinson

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer at Deloitte Digital UK. He is responsible for the continual development & on-going operation of Deloitte Digital’s technical capability. Michael has experience delivering innovative digital solutions that not only excite customers but are underpinned by the right technologies choices, integrations, and operational processes. While at Deloitte he has led the setup of Digital Studios in London, Edinburgh and Belfast and he has worked with clients to help them deliver innovative solutions and improve their own digital delivery capability.

Michael has been a leading advocate of innovative approaches to delivering digital transformation. He is a subject matter expert in the areas of distributive technologies, application development, digital technologies, collaborative working, and Agile processes. Michael has written a number of papers and represented Deloitte’s views speaking at a number of universities and conferences around the world.


Derek Ryan

Derek is a Partner in Forensic service area of the Financial Advisory division of Deloitte’s practice in London. Derek has over 14 years of experience in Financial Services with a focus on the Capital Markets sector, specialising in the delivery of large scale business led change with a data, technology and/or operations component. Derek has focussed on building eminence within the financial crime domain with a foundation in AML-KYC complex programme delivery, target operating model design, deploying innovative solutions and establishing sustainable business as usual functions.


Tyler Welmans

Tyler is a Senior Manager who spent 10 years in industry across legal, telco, media and FSI environments before joining Deloitte Digital in 2012 where he developed a focus on public sector consulting. Tyler is passionate about emerging and disruptive technology, particularly trends that can positively impact society, and is keenly interested in Digital Identity, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain technology. Tyler co-founded the Deloitte Blockchain Lab in 2015.


Del Nadarajah

Del is a Director within Deloitte Forensic. Del has designed and led multiple programmes across a range of Financial Service organisations helping them respond to complex Financial Crime challenges. Del also leads the Deloitte Financial Crime transformation capability, in particular looking at disruption across financial services and the impact on Financial Crime operations.