Deloitte TMT Schools Challenge 2019

The annual TMT Predictions Schools Challenge is an initiative created to ‘plug the skills gap’ for our clients who report challenges in engaging young people with the skills and interest to pursue careers in the Technology, Media or Telecommunications (TMT) sectors.

This year, eight Deloitte Access schools were faced with one of four challenges related to Smart Speakers, set off the back of our TMT Predictions. The participating schools had to respond to a brief to create an innovative idea in either the retail, gaming, education or hospitality sector, before going head-to-head to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.

After a nail biting grand final event, our expert judging panel with representatives from BT Group, Discovery Education, GSMA, Liberty Global and Vodafone selected their 2019 winner.

And the winner is...

Cardinal Hume School, Gateshead were crowned the winners with their ‘GAIA: General Artificial Intelligence Assistant’. GAIA is a smart speaker device with endless solutions. Some of which include being able to read aloud worksheets and exams, scribe in the place of humans, create personalised lessons based on an individual’s needs, deliver content in a student’s first language and uses BEAT technology (Behavioural and Emotional Analytics tools). The judges commented that the idea had the strongest business potential and noted that it had a particularly strong respect and inclusion aspect to it.

They were faced with tough competition from Maria Fidelis whose ‘SIMPLE’ smart speaker job simulator app aimed to get graduates into a job they loved after leaving education. St Paul’s Way Trust also fought a strong game with their ‘Hear2Help’ idea, an innovative walking apparatus designed for the blind and partially sighted, with built in GPS and Smart Speaker technology.

After the winning school was announced in the Deloitte Auditorium, the three finalist schools went with their teachers and coaches on a surprise trip to The View from The Shard.

More on the 2019 TMT Predictions Schools challenge

All of the schools involved in the challenge are part of the Deloitte Access programme, in collaboration with Teach First. Teams of students from across the UK worked with 2-3 Deloitte coaches in response to a brief linked to the 2019 TMT Predictions report. In February 2019, eight schools presented at the Semi-Finals to a specialised group of internal judges. Three of these schools then qualified for the Grand Final and went head-to-head once more to battle for a spot as the overall winner of the challenge.

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If you have any queries or want to know how you can get involved in the Schools Challenge, please get in touch with the TMT Predictions team and keep up to date by following our hashtag #TMTPSC.