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Two decades of ground-breaking growth

Against a backdrop of fluctuating uncertainty, success of the UK technology sector has been driven by individual businesses capitalising on the opportunities before them. Led by the record-breaking Deliveroo, this year’s Fast 50 help demonstrate how many of the defining characteristics of the cohort have evolved over time, whilst others remain unchanged.

In this year’s UK Technology Fast 50 report, we look back on previous winners of the Fast 50, we consider both the changes and similarities amongst our cohort over the last 20 years.

Government investment in technology: how governments use tax regimes to attract R&D activity

Discover what governments in the UK, Ireland and Germany in particular have been doing to create an enabling tax environment that attracts start-ups in this article by DLA Piper’s Lynda Finan.

Unexpected Human in the Bagging Area: the impact of automation on retail workforces

This article explores the transformative impact of technology on retail and the supply chain.

Digital diagnosis - AI and machine learning in healthcare

This article considers how progress is accelerating with more opportunities for both artificial intelligence (AI) systems builders and healthcare institutions every day. For both sides, 'getting the right deal' is critical if the collaboration is to be on an equal footing and deliver benefits on a win-win basis for both parties.

TechLaw podcast series

Technological developments are impacting our personal and professional lives - but what are the legal and commercial challenges for organisations?

The TechLaw podcast provides invaluable insight from the world of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Privacy, FinTech, Internet of Things and Robotics. DLA Piper partners and industry experts will forecast future trends, discuss new policies and regulation, and explore contracts and legal challenges brought on by new technological advancements.

Power up: UK business

Collaboration with ambitious early stage businesses can help corporates experiment with innovation in a low cost, low risk way. Likewise, big businesses can help scaleups to develop their products and establish themselves in their markets more quickly than they could alone.

Our Power Up research, the latest in a series of reports exploring the critical challenges facing UK government and business sets out to try and understand how the UK can better commercialise innovative ideas.

How AI and Automation are transforming retail

This infographic considers how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming retail. It outlines how technology has, over time, impacted the employment market. It also emphasises that retailers need to be preparing for this future now and how this will involve a transformation in IT, with new contracts, new vendors and new data sharing arrangements needed, and will require a different approach to HR and labour relations.

State of the smart – Mobile Consumer Survey 2017: The UK Cut

The smartphone is a mere decade old, and with every year has become ever more integral to people’s lives. With each year, it has become more versatile, absorbing a growing range of functions, from communication to navigation, from breaking global news to memorising personal stories. And it is likely to be used even more intensively over the coming years.

The seventh edition of Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey: The UK Cut explores some of the key themes that this year’s survey has revealed and how they are affecting the mobile landscape of today.

The Venture Alley

DLA Piper blog about business and legal issues important to entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalists and angel investors.

DLA Piper European Technology Index 2016

The DLA Piper European Technology Summit 2016 is an exclusive conference dedicated to providing insight and analysis into the current emerging technology and legal trends affecting businesses today, attracting hundreds of senior executives from across Europe’s Technology Sector. The summit is supported by the DLA Piper European Technology Index, a survey that provides insights into perceptions, attitudes and trends relating to the technology industry.

State of the Markets: Third Quarter 2017

Heightened Investor Interest
Through the first half of 2017, U.S. market conditions for IPOs have been favourable: Strong investor demand, equities near all-time highs and volatility at historical lows have provided ample opportunity for new listings.

China Innovation Focus
China has emerged as a transformative player in the global innovation ecosystem, catalysed through rapid urbanisation, an expanding domestic investor base, and an economy that boasts the most mobile-connected consumers in the world.

The US/UK M&A Deal Monitor, 1H 2017

Technology remains the driving force in cross-border M&A deal flow between the UK and North America. The number of deals in the TMT sector has remained steady over the past two years, with 246 from the US to the UK, and another 152 from the UK to the US, since the monitor launched in Q3 2015. The report digs deeper into this technology story and shares the views of M&A partners in both US and UK practices on why tech continues to dominate dealmaking

Technology Sector Showcase Page

DLA Piper technology sector LinkedIn page featuring legal articles, alerts and firm announcements targeted towards technology industry professionals.

Media Metrics 2017

Who are the top performing media and entertainment companies in the UK today? Our latest report reveals the top 100 by revenue, sub-sector and profit margin.

The report also looks at key themes affecting the sector, such as the variety of video advertising platforms and metrics now available, and the changing nature of information publishing revenues.

Tech, Media & Telco Predictions 2017

Our view on major trends from the industry.

Knowing what will come next in tech, media and telco trends has become a key competitive differentiator and can give your business a leading edge. That is why each year we present our view on the major trends from the industry that will impact UK businesses.

Technology’s Legal Edge™

DLA Piper blog about global technology, sourcing and privacy issues facing companies across the globe. We offer timely legal perspectives on cutting-edge issues in these dynamic areas of law.

State of the Markets: Second Quarter 2017

Four months in, 2017 is shaping up to be a year of harvesting and replanting for the innovation economy. The SVB team examined the private-company growth propelled by the large capital raises of 2014-15 and the subsequent plunge in large investments and exits in 2016. Given the activity we’ve seen in the first quarter of 2017, we are forecasting significant harvesting of returns resulting from the last decade of sweeping innovations.

Healthcare Investments and Exits Report 2017

In their annual healthcare industry report, Silicon Valley Bank analyses the fundraising, investment, M&A and IPO activity of private, venture-backed biopharma, medical device and diagnostic/tools companies. The report finds a slowing IPO and M&A market in 2016 versus 2015, but exit activity still exceeded 2013 totals.

Silicon Valley Bank: U.K. Startup Outlook Report

Fewer U.K. startups expect business conditions to improve than in previous years; still a large majority plan to hire and see Brexit-era opportunities in the U.K.

Introducing Propel by Deloitte

Designed specifically for ambitious start-ups and SMEs, Propel is a cloud-hosted service that delivers real-rime accounting and analytics.

Propel takes the burden of bookkeeping off your hands, manages all accounting essentials, and ensures you have a finance expert at your side. it also delivers bespoke data analytics to help you track how your business is performing today, and a whole range of business planning support to help you forecast for tomorrow.

Business Start-up Pack (UK)

DLA Piper pack providing assistance and support to early stage start-ups who are looking to establish their business on a more formal basis.