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From a Glasgow café discussion in 2016 between David Weir and Catherine Chalmers, a core insight around a lack of accessible wellbeing tools has grown into a significant business. Weir, who leads as the CEO, and Chalmers, the CIO, spotted a niche in the health and wellbeing market and created a company to fill it. Its main product, the TruConnect app, now assists millions in achieving their health and fitness goals, offering content from a range of athletes and wellness experts.

While the company started in Glasgow, its reach is now global, with 400 employees working from additional offices in Dubai and Las Vegas, showing its commitment to making wellness tools accessible on a worldwide scale. Over the last two years, the company has expanded by acquiring a portfolio of brands, including partners that were selling its app as part of a package of wellbeing tools and services. Its portfolio now includes more than 30 brands that sell in 120 countries. Its brands include sustainable activewear brand Niyama Sol (Jennifer Lopez was an investor); Virtual Run, an online platform for virtual races; and nutritional supplement brand Smart Protein.

The proprietary technology at the core of the business helps The Original Fit Factory integrate acquisitions and offer customers products based on their fitness and wellbeing journey. The company oversees its product lifecycle from inception to customer support, creating an approach that supports rapid expansion and the immediate introduction of new products. With in-house production capabilities spread across the globe, it maintains a hands-on approach to creating its offerings. The Original Fit Factory’s technology serves to make operations more efficient and allows it to swiftly adapt to new market developments, a feat that often eludes more established, conventional brands.

“The app is clever enough to know where someone’s come from, what they’re looking for, what they’re likely to enjoy,” explains David Weir, CEO of The Original Fit Factory. “We think the app is now the most technologically advanced out there.”

At its core, the company remains focused on the health and wellness sector. Yet, its strategic use of data sets it apart, offering a lens into global market movements and enabling it to anticipate and act upon evolving consumer demands. Data analysis is central to the company’s strategy, informing the development of its brands and contributing to consistent growth. The firm attributes its year-over-year expansion to a disciplined approach to technology and data insights.

Weir explains that the company’s tech data-backed approach is supported by its experienced team. Its advisory board boasts seasoned executives from prestigious firms such as Hilton Worldwide, Mars, and Three Mobile and includes a former CEO of AOL. The team’s professional expertise spans several key markets, including the UK, Northern Ireland, the US, and South Africa, contributing to a wide-ranging corporate perspective. Weir explains the company’s approach to finding and retaining the best people: “A lot of the things that companies do now, we did years ago, we moved to the four and a half day a week probably three years ago.“

The Original Fit Factory is charting a dynamic course for the future. The company is poised to enhance its team wellness solutions with the strategic acquisition of a new app. Anticipation is also building for the rollout of a pioneering range of data-driven wearable devices. In a move set to resonate with consumers, the firm’s wellbeing app is slated for a major rebrand, aligning it with a renowned sporting name. Additionally, the launch of a fresh brand developed in partnership with a legendary sportsperson is on the horizon. Cementing these ambitious plans, The Original Fit Factory is finalising an equity partnership with a significant NASDAQ-listed company, a collaboration that promises to underpin the group’s growth trajectory.

A focus on health, wellness, and community is yielding dividends with customers and employees, yet The Original Fit Factory remains focused on its founding belief. “We are leaders in this space, but we do not want to lose sight of what is important to us and where our journey began: a world where wellbeing solutions are accessible and available to everyone,” says Weir.