Public Sector Shared Services
Forum 2019Welcome to the Digital Age

The Castle, Winchester
12 June 2019

About the forum

The global digital revolution and associated cultural change has already permeated into almost all aspects of our lives from how we engage with personal networks, share information, shop, how we bank and run our homes.

It’s almost impossible not to be exposed on a daily basis to digital consumer applications and platforms that are making our personal lives much more efficient and effective. Yet, we have not yet achieved anything like the same levels of digitally-enabled innovation and simplification in our workplaces and specifically across our shared services organisations.

The programme was a combination of thought-provoking discussion forums combined with plenary sessions from shared services leads from: Hampshire County Council; Cabinet Office; DWP; the Danish Government; National Grid; Discovery Channel and Solvay.

These covered topics such as:

  • How to be a leader in the digital shared services age and why you need to become ‘customer-educated’
  • How to apply AI and Chat-bots
  • Using design thinking to fulfil customer needs, employee objectives, and enterprise outcomes in a shared services context
  • Becoming a centre of expertise for robotics through a progressive robotics expansion programme
  • Next generation ERPs – are you Cloud ready?
  • Delivering the moments that matter - Redesigning the employee experience
  • Creating End to End (E2E) processes in a shared service environment
  • The on-boarding journey: New public sector partners joining a partnership model.