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Deloitte Shared Services Conference 2018

9 - 10 October 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

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“The Deloitte Shared Services Conference is now widely recognised as the biggest and highest quality shared services conference in Europe and offers you the best opportunities to catch up with key peers. If you have time and budget to attend just one event a year – make it this one!”

Peter Moller

European SSC/BPO Advisory Lead, Deloitte

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About the 2017 conference

The 2017 conference took place in the beautiful and historic city of Vienna. It was a ”must attend” event for CFOs, Financial Controllers, Shared Services Heads, Global Business Service Leaders, BPO Contract Managers, CIOs, Global Process Owners and HR Leaders. 

Each year we try to introduce new innovations and the 2017 event was no exception. This quest to advance the insight which we bring to our audience, and the format in which we deliver it, means we have traditionally attracted THE movers and shakers in the shared services and GBS world at every stage of shared services maturity.

In 2017 we aimed to explore how emerging digital technologies can be used within shared services organisations to help reimagine the way you work. In today’s age it’s almost impossible not to be exposed on a daily basis to consumer applications such as Amazon and Netflix, that are making our personal lives much more efficient and effective. We have learnt to embrace these applications as a way of life – a future without them would be almost impossible to imagine. This year’s conference theme explores how we can adopt and use this manner to make the way we work as seamless as the way we now live.

Conference topics

  • Robotics and Cognitive Technologies

    To what extent will robotics, chat bots and other cognitive technologies change the make up of our future workforce?

  • Analytics

    How do you extract and use ‘big data’? Where does the true value lie? What does this mean for the role and make up of shared services centres?

  • Social media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)

    Have the applications in the workplace now caught up with the applications on the street? Where should you invest?

  • The war on Talent

    How do you attract and retain a globally mobile workforce? What technologies do you need in your arsenal to get the most from the tech-savvy generation Y?

  • The age of GBS?

    Is Global Business Services a stand-alone model or simply an evolution of shared services? How do you set a course for success?

  • Continuous Improvement (CI)

    What do we now recognise as being best practice and how can you push the boundaries in your CI approach? What additional value can be unlocked this way?