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2019 Deloitte Shared Services Conference

10-11 September 2019, Dublin, Ireland

The conference starts in ...

“The Deloitte Shared Services Conference is now widely recognised as the biggest and highest quality shared services conference in Europe and offers you the best opportunities to catch up with key peers. If you have time and budget to attend just one event a year – make it this one!”

Peter Moller

European SSC/BPO Advisory Lead, Deloitte

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About the conference

This year’s conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland. Over the last 21 years the conference has built up the reputation of being the largest and most insightful event of its kind in the market. It’s a ”must attend” event for leading CFOs, Financial Controllers, Global Business Services Leaders, Shared Services Heads, BPO Contract Managers, CIOs and HR leaders responsible for Shared Services Strategies.

The global digital revolution and associated cultural change has already permeated into significant aspects of our lives – from how we engage with the world and our personal networks, share data, shop and bank. It’s almost impossible not to be exposed on a daily basis to digital consumer applications and platforms that are making our personal lives much more efficient and effective. We have learnt to embrace these applications as a way of life – a future without them would be almost impossible to imagine. However we have not yet achieved anything like the same levels of digitally-enabled innovation and simplification in our workplaces.

Building from the themes covered last year, our 2018 conference will focus on how to leverage advances in technology to create a more personalised, improved service for our end users and customers. We will look at how digital businesses work and how we can apply their ways of working in a shared services context. We will also explore successful operating models, characteristics of the talent and leadership you need, how you can leverage data to provide insight, how you structure you operating model and processes for your customer, and the technology you should be investing in now.

Conference topics

  • Embracing digital

    How do digital businesses actually work and operate, and how can you apply these learnings to your shared services organisation

  • The future of work

    How is the traditional workforce changing and how should you respond to ensure you can continue to attract, nurture and retain the best talent for your organisation

  • Advanced analytics

    How are shared services taking the lead in extracting, understanding and using big data to drive business decision making

  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence

    What does it take to get beyond a handful of robots and move towards a genuine digital labour force and how can shared services drive this

  • Customer centric thinking

    As the user experience becomes ever more important, how can shared services match the experience their customers have become used to as day-to-day consumers