Selected by Company Sector Region Type of business
Deloitte Ventures Climate X ClimateTech London Allows organisations worldwide to access and integrate granular climate-related physical and transition risk data
Deloitte Roslin Technologies BioTech Scotland Takes the cells from an animal and reprograms them to become pluripotent stem cells
Oracle NetSuite Toqio FinTech London An embedded finance platform that gives companies the ability to create and launch fully branded banking or finance solutions as apps or on the web in as little as a few weeks
Multiverse Airfinity HealthTech London Tracks, predicts and simulates population level disease outcomes in real time
BGF Nibble Technology AI London Developer of AI-based negotiation chatbot designed to negotiate a personalised deal for better eCommerce customer engagement
HSBC Innovation Banking Isometric CleanTech South Esat Developer of verification and registry platform designed to confirm carbon removal claims are true


Selected by Company  
Oracle NetSuite United Fintech  
Deloitte - London newcleo  
Multiverse The Electric Car Scheme  
Deloitte - Regions Vaarst  
Business Growth Fund Walr  


Selected by Company Sector Type of business
Deloitte - London PANGAIA CleanTech Designer and manufacturer of bio-material fabrics
Deloitte - Regional Meatless Farm FoodTech Developer of plant-based food products
Barclays Hopin Software Live online events platform
Oracle NetSuite Red Sift Cyber security B2B cyber security provider


Selected by Company Sector Type of business
Deloitte Cazoo Software Used car sales platform
DLA Piper The Up Co Hardware Mobile phone charging network
Oracle NetSuite Novatiq Software Data intelligence platform


Selected by Company Sector Type of business
Deloitte Zoe Health Care & Life Sciences Nutritional research company
DLA Piper 10x Future Technologies Software Online banking with cloud-native technology
Oracle NetSuite Senseon Software AI for cyber defence
Silicon Valley Bank Daye Health Care & Life Sciences Revolutionary femcare product


Selected by Company Sector Type of business
Deloitte Graphcore Software Platform to accelerate machine learning and AI applications
DLA Piper Vita Mojo Software Personalised online food delivery platform
Oracle NetSuite Limitless Communications Online customer service platform
Silicon Valley Bank Bulb Software Online green gas and electricity supplier


Selected by Company Sector Type of business
Deloitte Babylon Health Care & Life Sciences Online doctor and consultation advice
DLA Piper Darktrace Software Cyber security software
Oracle NetSuite Goodlord Software Digital platform for landlords and tenants
Silicon Valley Bank Five AI Software Software platform for urban mobility in public transport