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2019 Deloitte Shared Services Conference

10-11 September 2019, Dublin, Ireland

“The Deloitte Shared Services Conference is now widely recognised as the biggest and highest quality shared services conference in Europe and offers you the best opportunities to catch up with key peers. If you have time and budget to attend just one event a year – make it this one!”

Peter Moller

European SSC/BPO Advisory Lead, Deloitte

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About the conference

This year’s conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland. Over the last 21 years the conference has built up the reputation of being the largest and most insightful event of its kind in the market. It’s a ”must attend” event for leading CFOs, Financial Controllers, Global Business Services Leaders, Shared Services Heads, BPO Contract Managers, CIOs and HR leaders responsible for Shared Services Strategies.

Shared services live or die on the quality of their processes. However, whilst high quality service delivery needs to be the foundation of what you do whether you are establishing shared services or are already a mature organisation – service delivery alone won’t turn you into the digital shared services organisation that you aspire to be.

In a digital age, where we are now used to conducting a myriad of activities – from banking and shopping to vacation booking – with a few intuitive clicks on our mobile phones, we expect more from those who are providing us a service at work.

Whilst process for shared services is still essential… process without the lens of what it means, and feels like for your customers is not enough. The good news is that there are now more tools and methods at your disposal to enable you to re-think your service with the customer truly at the centre. Automation is definitely your friend here – specifically automation which is designed to make your customer experience simpler and easier. Automation which is designed to think, feel and learn like your customers.

If you can get your service delivery right, if you can elevate your customer experience... then what? Shared services that are truly digital are also unlocking the value of the data that they hold and farm each day. In order to do that, you need the right tools and talent, and a seat at the table to get your voice heard.

Conference topics

  • Intelligent automation

    Leveraging the full range of automation technologies to transform ways of working and support user experiences through simplified processes

  • Customer experience / service cognitive design

    The importance of reconnecting with your customer – and keeping them at the core of your thinking as you embark on your digital journey

  • Moving up the value chain

    Why everything other than core business is now fair game for shared services, and methodologies to evaluate new opportunities and services

  • Talent and future of work

    Building a talent profile for the future – how do you create, nurture and retain a human workforce for the digital age

  • Operational effectiveness

    Why we cannot forget the basics of efficient, low cost service provision

  • Governance and SSC business models

    How shared services business models continue to evolve