Cambridgeshire and East

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Darktrace Software Cambridgeshire and East 2,446% Cyber security software
2 CyanConnode Software Cambridgeshire and East 1,542% IoT communications
3 Featurespace Software Cambridgeshire and East 836% Adaptive behavioural analytics technology


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Revolut FinTech London 48,477% Online banking service
2 OakNorth FinTech London 37,449% Business and property loan provider
3 Moteefe Media & Entertainment London 9,034% Social commerce platform
4 Clearmatics Software London 5,995% Blockchain company
5 ClearScore FinTech London 5,363% Online credit check
6 Lendable FinTech London 4,755% Personal loans provider
7 Privitar Software London 3,431% Data privacy software
8 Onfido FinTech London 2,855% Identity verification engine
9 Paddle Software London 2,475% Integrated software sales platform
10 Streetbees Software London 2,440% Market research platform
11 Yoyo FinTech London 2,103% Mobile payment platform
12 Hostmaker Software London 1,962% Home rental management platform
13 Growth Street FinTech London 1,914% Lending platform for small businesses
14 Laundryheap Software London 1,663% Online dry cleaning service
15 ComplyAdvantage FinTech London 1,501% Financial crime data provider
16 Vitesse FinTech London 1,187% Global payment service
17 Lexoo Software London 1,174% Legal technology company
18 Hubble Software London 1,159% Online platform to rent office space
19 SumUp FinTech London 1,133% Mobile payment platform
20 Landbay FinTech London 1,100% Buy-to-let investment and borrowing provider
21 Lending Works Limited FinTech London 1094% Loan provider
22 Elvie Health Care & Life Sciences London 1,076% FemTech firm for womens health
23 Starcount Software London 1,004% Data consultancy
24 SimplyCook Software London 891% Subscription based recipe box service
25 Satalia Software London 886% AI and machine learning platform
26 Ogury Media & Entertainment London 885% Mobile journey marketing cloud
27 Festicket Software London 879% Online festival booking
28 AVORA Software London 838% AI data analytics platform
29 Adludio Media & Entertainment London 714% Sensory advertising
30 Capital on Tap FinTech London 705% Enterprise solutions
31 Midstream Lighting Environmental Technology London 693% High mast and LED lighting
32 Housekeep Software London 669% Online home cleaning service


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Iceotope Hardware Midlands 2,331% Liquid cooling technology
2 Voxpopme Software Midlands 1,080% Video insight solutions

North East

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 SoPost Media & Entertainment North East 900% Online product sampling platform
2 Chameleon Technology (UK) Ltd Hardware North East 671% Smart meter technologies

North West

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 DivideBuy FinTech North West 23,878% Credit retail provider
2 LivingLens Software North West 940% Video insight software
3 Software North West 805% Online marketplace


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Airts Software Scotland 1,558% Resource planning platform
2 LendingCrowd FinTech Scotland 1,257% Peer to peer lending company
3 HubSolv Software Scotland 1,058% Insolvency and debt management software

South East

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Oxford Nanopore Health Care & Life Sciences South East 4,259% Nanopore sequencing products
2 Venture Harbour Software South East 1,394% Building online high growth businesses
3 Person Centred Software Software South East 1,076% Mobile solution for care interactions
4 OXGENE Health Care & Life Sciences South East 673% Synthetic biology company

South West and Wales

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 VoCoVo Communications South West and Wales 1,029% Communication solutions