Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Allica Bank Fintech London 85,438% Digital relationship bank that serves established SME businesses
2 Freetrade Fintech London 18,090% Financial technology company that runs an investing app which offers a share dealing service
3 YuLife Fintech London 4,832% Online group life insurance platform
4 Urban Jungle Fintech London 4,102% Online insurance broker company
5 Freemarket Fintech London 2,579% Online currency exchange platform that operates as a fintech company
6 Cleo Fintech London 1,445% Develops an AI-based money management mobile application
7 Plum Fintech London 1,086% Develops personal savings assistant solutions
8 Moneybox Fintech London 1,047% Consumer finance and asset management applications that allow users to manage investment accounts
9 ClearBank Fintech London 996% Cloud-based clearing bank
10 Smart Fintech London 944% Developed software to cater to employees and employers pension processes
11 Amiqus Resolution Fintech Scotland 862% Designs and develops software solutions for anti-money laundering, identity, and compliance checks


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Yoto Software London 66,572% Screen-free audio platform that lets kids explore stories, music, activities, sound effects, radio, podcasts
2 The Original Fit Factory Software Scotland 14,854% Operates an online fitness content platform
3 Birdie Software London 5,435% Development of software products intended to the home care service providers
4 Cera Software London 4,842% Technology-enabled home care company
5 Veremark Ltd Software London 4,592% Focuses on the movement of secure, verified, and reusable data during pre-hire background check process
6 Perlego Software London 2,866% Online library of books, academic texts etc.
7 Adarga Software London 2,468% Takes AI and machine learning techniques that can read and understand text, voice and video data, applying this to real-world problems
8 Deeper Insights Software London 1,414% AI-based solutions for data visualisation and insights
9 MyTutor Software London 1,266% Online platform for parents and students to search and connect with undergraduate tutors
10 Sprift Technologies Ltd Software South East 1,229% Online property data digital dashboard for estate agents, landlords, developers, and solicitors
11 Definely Software London 1,217% Increases the accessibility of legal documents to lawyers and those with visual impairments daily
12 Uni Compare Software London 992% Online platform that helps students find the perfect university fit
13 Threedium Software London 962% Develops a platform that allows users to create 3D customisable advertisement and widgets of their products
14 Pupil Software London 854% Artificial technology (AI) based real estate measurement technology solutions
15 Multiverse Software London 839% Develops and operates an apprentice hiring and corporate training platform
16 Intruder Software London 836% Provides services to organisations to reduce their cyberattack exposure
17 Deazy Limited Software South West & Wales 753% Tech build platform enabling cost-effective, flexible and scalable development services
18 YardLink Software London 753% Brings construction sites and suppliers together in one place
19 UniHomes Software Yorkshire & North East 643% Focuses on finding homes for students
20 Cognism Software London 633% Sales and marketing technology company
21 Emotech Software London 629% Provides custom based multi-modal AI solutions and speech technologies services
22 Zen Educate Software London 622% Online on-demand staffing platform for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
23 Prolific Software London 613% Puts researchers in touch with individuals in order for the researchers to run research studies
24 Forecast Software London 610% AI-driven platform which centralises work management, resource management, and financials
25 Goodlord Software London 608% Lettings software and services
26 Quorso Software London 600% Develops an AI application software which analyses companies’ financial and operational data
27 Globacap Technology Ltd Software London 595% Digitises and automates the world's private capital markets

Environmental Technology

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Hypervolt Environmental Tech London 19,236% Energy company that manufactures and develops EV smart chargers
2 ion Ventures Environmental Tech London 1,426% Tailor-made services in the energy sector
3 Utopi Environmental Tech Scotland 1,400% A real-time IoT data integration platform to improve ESG and building performance for the real estate industry
4 Reconome Environmental Tech London 1,288% Optimises the lifecycle of devices
5 Rovco Environmental Tech South West & Wales 891% Global provider of subsea robotic and integrated survey solutions
6 Deep Casing Tools Ltd Environmental Tech Scotland 850% Develops and delivers patented downhole technology solutions for the global oil and gas sector
7 Bramble Energy Ltd Environmental Tech South East 811% Focused on global decarbonisation and creating viable clean energy technology


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Warwick Acoustics Hardware Midlands 1,167% Focuses on audio technology and systems
2 Moasure Hardware Midlands 976% Motion-based measuring tool

Media & Entertainment

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Media & Entertainment South West & Wales 3,263% Online marketplace that provides a diverse range of products to shoppers worldwide
2 Diginius Media & Entertainment London 1,768% SaaS technology company specialising in digital marketing and e-commerce solutions
3 KidsKnowBest Media & Entertainment London 869% Creative agency focused on technology