Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
Allica Bank Fintech London 85,438% Digital relationship bank that serves established SME businesses
The Original Fit Factory Software Scotland 14,854% Operates an online fitness content platform
Warwick Acoustics Hardware Midlands 1,167% Focuses on audio technology and systems Media & Entertainment South West & Wales 3,263% Online marketplace that provides a diverse range of products to shoppers worldwide
Bramble Energy Ltd Environmental Technology South East 811% Focused on global decarbonisation and creating viable clean energy technology
UniHomes Fintech Yorkshire & North East 643% Focuses on finding homes for students
Fruugo Media & Entertainment North West 595% International B2B2C marketplace
Epos Now Fintech Cambridgeshire & East 202% Global provider of embedded finance, payments, and point of sale (POS) technology solutions