Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing

  • The Outsourcing Handbook: A guide to Outsourcing

    This handbook is a guide to the full lifecycle of an outsourcing deal. It explores some of the key issues, challenges and decisions you may be faced with if you are contemplating outsourcing, of if you are already in an outsourcing relationship.

  • Shared Services Handbook: Hit the road

    Whether you are still evaluating your options around shared services, or considering a radical overhaul of an existing SSC, this Handbook is for you. We created it to capture some of the key points and lessons learned over two decades of helping companies through the complex, demanding journey that is shared services implementation.

  • Driving to capture the next generation of continuous improvement in service delivery transformation

    Findings from the recent Deloitte benchmarking survey show a shared services organisation is an effective tool for better G&A performance. The data shows the greater the number of transactions supported by shared services, the better: more transactions result in a decrease in the cost of finance process as a percent of revenue; a decrease in the cost of finance transaction processing as a percent of revenue; and a decrease in the cost of HR as a percent of revenue.

  • 2012 Global outsourcing and insourcing survey

    Deloitte's 2012 global outsourcing and insourcing survey offers a glimpse into the current and expected future outsourcing practices of 111 survey participants. It explores several of the survey's topics in more depth, drawing on the results to contribute to conversations about outsourcing within your own organisation to aid you in furthering your outsourcing objectives.


  • Outsourcing Advisory Services from Deloitte: Tough love

    Discover how Deloitte can support your Outsourcing Advisory requirements, covering both IT and Business Process Outsourcing. Our comprehensive approach means we can support you at each step of the way; from strategy development, operating model design, business case development, service provider selection, contract negotiation, transition management and programme governance.

Global Business Services

  • Global Business Services: Better together

    Our latest publication explores the benefits of Global Business Services beyond the traditional cost and operational benefits of shared services, such as alignment with growth, risk and talent strategies. It explores the essential characteristics and behaviours necessary to drive a performance-improving Global Business Services organisation, as well as providing practical tips on implementation.

  • Global Business Services for Analytics

    Leading organisations are recognising the opportunities for Global Business Services (GBS) to deliver business value beyond cost and operational efficiencies. The point-of-view examines why business leaders are now looking too use a GBS model to manage their data capabilities and provide significantly improved access to enterprise-wide reporting and analytics.

  • The GBS Lab

    Find out how Deloitte's Global Business Services (GBS) Lab can help align leadership understanding of GBS and accelerate the planning of a GBS programme within your organistion. Our one-day session helps executives to assess their organisation, articulate the vision and mobilise GBS change.

Human Resources

  • Human Capital Trends 2013

    This specially tailored report combines the UK results of our comprehensive survey of more than 1,300 business leaders and HR executives in 59 countries comprising the world's economic regions. Today, the world's leading organisations are raising their sights, broadening their focus and leaning forward. These companies recognise that uncertainty is still part of the business landscape; but they also understand that the world is changing rapidly - and they are determined to get out in front by looking towards the future.

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