Cambridgeshire and East

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Darktrace Software Cambridgeshire and East 4,829% Cyber security software
2 Ieso Digital Health Health Care & Life Sciences Cambridgeshire and East 624% Online clinically validated CBT for patients


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Deliveroo Software London 15,749% Online food delivery platform
2 FinTech London 15,548% Online payment platform
3 Hostmaker Software London 6,445% Home rental management platform
4 Adaptavist Software London 4,024% Online IT services company
5 Paddle Software London 3,858% Integrated software sales platform
6 Onfido FinTech London 3,857% Identity verification engine
7 Stratajet Software London 3,651% Online private jet charter
8 Ometria Software London 2,905% Customer marketing platform for retailers
9 Lending Works FinTech London 2,832% Loan provider
10 Thoughtonomy Software London 2,650% Automation platform for workforces
11 Bloom & Wild Software London 2,098% Digital letter box flower delivery
12 Optal FinTech London 1,850% B2B payment solutions
13 Azimo Ltd. FinTech London 1,654% International money transfer platform
14 Landbay FinTech London 1,467% Buy-to-let investment and borrowing provider
15 carwow Software London 1,411% Online car dealership
16 Adludio Media & Entertainment London 1,264% Sensory advertising
17 VIRTUS Data Centres Communications London 1,230% Data centre provider
18 Receipt Bank Software London 1,186% Automated accounting and bookkeeping
19 City Pantry Software London 1,140% Online food delivery platform
20 TransferWise FinTech London 1,107% Online money transfer service
21 LendInvest FinTech London 1,042% Mortgage and property loan investments
22 Smarkets FinTech London 948% Betting exchange
23 Cloud IQ Software London 945% E-commerce conversion technology
24 GoCardless FinTech London 931% Direct debit provider
25 Zappi Software London 842% Consumer insights platform
26 iwoca FinTech London 817% Business loans provider
27 Kaizen Media & Entertainment London 712% Digital marketing agency
28 LoopMe Media & Entertainment London 618% Artificial intelligence driven advertising
29 Capital on Tap FinTech London 564% Enterprise solutions
30 MiQ Media & Entertainment London 558% Marketing intelligence platform
31 LOVESPACE Software London 554% Online storage booking service
32 StarLeaf Communications London 552% Video conferencing in the cloud
33 Poq Software London 539% Ecommerce app platform
34 Kantox FinTech London 532% FX management solutions


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Impression Media & Entertainment Midlands 949% Digital marketing agency
2 Lockwood Publishing Ltd Media & Entertainment Midlands 777% Entertainment platform developer

North East

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 SoPost Media & Entertainment North East 2,357% Online product sampling platform
2 Chameleon Technology (UK) Ltd Environmental Technology North East 713% Smart meter technologies
3 BigChange Software North East 548% Mobile workforce management platform

North West

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 In Touch Networks Software North West 1,524% Online communities
2 Software North West 1,014% Online marketplace
3 The Lead Agency Media & Entertainment North West 662% Customer acquisition service


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Synpromics Ltd Health Care & Life Sciences Scotland 2,485% Health company specialising in gene control

South West and Wales

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Laser Wire Solutions Hardware South West and Wales 1,944% Cable and wire stripping technology
2 Unify Communications Software South West and Wales 1,915% Integrated business communications
3 Solentim Health Care & Life Sciences South West and Wales 1,106% Innovative platform for cell line development
4 Vizolution FinTech South West and Wales 642% Customer engagement solutions
5 MoveGB Media & Entertainment South West and Wales 631% Fitness network