Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 ClearBank Fintech London 21,569% Payment and banking services
2 Airtime Rewards Fintech North West 16,907% Assesses customer spending behaviour to tailor loyalty/rewards programmes
3 Paysend Fintech London 14,498% Enables money transfers and payment processing services through cards
4 Zego Fintech London 3,460% Intermediary insurance service provider
5 Fidel API Fintech London 2,466% Payments API platform for developers, to build personalised products on top of Visa, Mastercard and Amex payment cards
6 Napier Fintech London 2,268% AML and trade compliance platform
7 Salary Finance Fintech London 2,131% Employee credit provider
8 Fintech London 1,897% Platform to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency
9 Revolut Fintech London 1,631% Online banking service
10 Modulr Fintech Scotland 915% API payments infrastructure platform
11 DivideBuy Fintech North West 871% Digital lending services platform
12 Moneybox Fintech London 807% Technology platform to open and manage investment accounts


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Wonde Software South East 10,792% Platform that provides schools with the tools to manage their school data
2 Zencargo Software London 5,697% Analytics-based freight management platform
3 Cera Software London 5,382% Tech-enabled home care company
4 Popsa Software London 4650% AI personalised photo printing
5 Cognism Software London 4341% Revenue/Sales lead generation platform
6 Second Nature Software London 3,225% Healthcare technology company
7 OneTrust Software London 2,988% Develops privacy, security, and third-party risk technology platform
8 Soldo Software London 2,634% Expense management software solutions
9 HungryPanda Software London 2,435% Food delivery platform
10 EO Charging Software South East 2,201% Design and manufacture of electric vehicle chargers
11 Inflo Software North East 1,983% Digital accounting platform as a software service
12 iProov Software London 1,889% Authentication technology
13 VYNTELLIGENCE Software London 1,843% Technology platform enabling digital transformation of paper and form based field processes
14 Tessian Software London 1,703% E-mail security software platform
15 Multiverse Software London 1,471% Technology platform for apprentice hiring and corporate training
16 Distributed Software London 1,343% Software Development Services
17 AccountancyManager Software Midlands 1,281% Cloud-based onboarding and practice management software to automate everyday tasks
18 Qmee Software South East 1,268% Consumer insights and analytics
19 Beamery Software London 1,263% Talent platform
20 Tractable Software London 1,254% AI-based algorithms platform to learn and perform expert visual tasks
21 Dayshape Software Scotland 1,251% Resource planning platform
22 QStory Software South East 1,080% Intraday automation tools for contact centres
23 Solidatus Software London 932% Develops software solutions that enable organisations to map, manage and monetise their key asset data
24 Thunderhead Software London 822% Customer journey orchestration technology
25 Gophr Software London 792% Technology for providing same-day deliveries with real-time tracking
26 Paddle Software London 756% Integrated software sales platform

Health Care

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Touchlight Health Care London 11,421% Discovery and development of DNA-based genetic medicines
2 Huma Health Care London 9,584% Digital health platform for predictive care and research
3 Elvie Health Care London 1,561% Femtech company delivering innovative health solutions for women

Environmental Technology

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Octopus Energy Environmental Technology London 1,455% Renewable power generation services
2 Bluewater Bio Environmental Technology London 728% Water and wastewater treatment technology


Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 TG0 Hardware London 1,364% Platform technology to create novel tactile control products
2 Salunda Hardware Midlands 1,079% Contactless sensor technology for monitoring machinery

Media & Entertainment

Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Patch Media & Entertainment London 1,538% Plant e-commerce retailer
2 Motorway Media & Entertainment London 1,421% Online car reselling platform
3 Omnisend Media & Entertainment London 1,171% eCommerce marketing automation platform
4 Moteefe Media & Entertainment London 792% Platform enabling entrepreneurs to sell custom clothing and accessories by using social media
5 A Million Ads Media & Entertainment London 763% Digital audio advertising services