Rank Company Sector Region Growth Type of business
1 Tripledot Studios Media & Entertainment London 69,387% Mobile games development studio
2 Wonde Software Cambridgeshire & East 31,762% Data management platform that enables schools to manage their information
3 Nonacus Ltd Healthcare Midlands 28,211% Provides research and experimental development services for the biotechnology industry
4 Onto Environmental Technology Midlands 9,467% Car rental company offering electric car subscriptions
5 Plum Fintech London 7,735% Provides personal savings assistant solutions
6 Cera Software London 5,707% Technology-enabled home care company
7 iamproperty Software North East 5,068% Online auctioneer catering to end-to-end moving services
8 Cudos Software London 4,240% Creates monetisation applications that channelise idle hardware to revenue streams
9 OKRA.ai Software Cambridgeshire & East 4,227% AI analytics company for healthcare
10 Airtime Rewards Fintech North West 3,937% Developer of retail rewards programme application
11 OnBuy.com Media & Entertainment South West & Wales 3,402% Online marketplace offering multi-category products
12 Sintela Hardware South West & Wales 2,829% Manufactures electronic instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation
13 Deazy Software South West & Wales 2,615% Platform that provides real-time experience in scoping, designing and managing the build of digital products
14 ClearBank Fintech South West & Wales 2,453% Technology-enabled banking platform
15 Xydus Software London 2,053% Facial recognition, biometrics, machine learning and multi-layered encryption software
16 Motorway Software London 1,993% Online car valuation services
17 Ziflow Software London 1,980.34% Collaboration and online proofing platform
18 Railsr Fintech London 1,980.25% Developer of an API banking and compliance technology platform that connects partner banks with companies
19 Blink Software London 1,884% Application software company operating a mobile app for frontline workers
20 Amiqus Fintech Scotland 1,865% Application software company developing software solutions for anti-money laundering, identity and compliance checks
21 Elvie Healthcare London 1,824% Health and lifestyle brand developing smarter technology for women
22 Element Software London 1,783% Open source collaboration software with end-to-end encryption
23 E-Pharmacy Healthcare South East 1,737% Prescription and online pharmacy services
24 Red Sift Software London 1,665% Cybersecurity products developer
25 Freemarket Fintech London 1,654% Cross-border payments and currency exchange platform
26 Pupil Software London 1,574% Artificial technology (AI) based real estate measurement technology solutions
27 Napier Fintech London 1,566% Compliance platform enabling financial institutions to fight financial crime
28 Appvia Ltd Software London 1,564% Provides cloud solutions for enterprises
29 Multiverse Software London 1,344% Apprentice hiring and corporate training platform
30 EO Charging Software Cambridgeshire & East 1,320% Technology-enabled charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets
31 Solidatus Software London 1,317% Data lineage and visualisation tool application
32 Paysend Fintech London 1,184% Fintech company supporting connections between various cards worldwide
33 Cognism Software London 1,079% Sales and marketing technology company
34 Popsa Software London 1,070% AI-based automated photo book printing services
35 Soldo Fintech London 1,059% Expense management software solutions for small businesses, enterprises and accountants
36 GetAgent Ltd Software London 1,054% Online platform that enables property owners to choose real estate agents
37 Panaseer Software South East 1,049% Cybersecurity intelligence software developer
38 Aparito Healthcare South West & Wales 1,031% Healthcare technology company that develops mobile applications to deliver patient monitoring outside the hospital
39 Forecast Software London 1,016% AI-powered platform for managing finances, resources and projects
40 Sunamp Environmental Technology Scotland 993% Designs and manufactures space-saving thermal storage devices
41 iProov Software London 966% Development of technologies and systems for the delivery of web-based secure authentication services
42 Influencer.com Media & Entertainment London 965% Creative strategies developer for influencer marketing campaigns
43 Navenio Software South East 923% AI-led indoor location based solutions offering workforce efficiency in hospitals
44 Omnisend Media & Entertainment London 902% Ecommerce marketing automation platform
45 LOQBOX Fintech South West & Wales 875% Fintech company that provides a savings platform enabling users to build a credit history
46 Nexus FrontierTech Software London 856% Offers financial data processing products through its proprietary AI technology
47 Moneybox Fintech London 824% Saving, investing, home-buying and retirement services
48 Distributed Software London 823% Software development services
49 ManyPets Fintech London 810% Pet insurance through its proprietary technology platform
50 The Original Fit Factory Ltd Software Scotland 792% Online fitness content platform